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September 16, 2013

Harris Riverfront Park
Huntington, West Virginia

I had some business in Huntington (bicycle problems again), and so made a detour to the riverfront park to view the water.  We have a lot of homeless folks there right now, looks like they were spaced about one per bench.  Along comes a policeman on his mountain-bike (wish I had his wheels and tires rather than mine!).  He slowly rides through, smiles and politely speaks to a homeless lady and asks how she's doing today.  Rides a bit further, speaks to me politely before moving on.  I'm thinking I wish there was a way to capture this in a photograph, the homeless being treated with dignity and as a human being, but there is not a way to show it and it doesn't show at all in this writing.  It was the "way" in which he greeted the lady, in a way that conveyed that he really meant it.    I turned around and photographed this path, it was a lovely morning.


"And as I've gotten older, I've had more
of a tendency to look for people who live
by kindness, tolerance,compassion, a
gentler way of looking at things."

Martin Scorsese