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September 18, 2013

Worthington Park (on the riverfront)
Worthington, Kentucky

In many geographical areas, these are called Seesaws but most folks around here refer to them as teeter totters. No interesting images today,  so here is an I-Phone shot from a couple weeks ago before the bike broke.  I had been out for an early morning ride and was taking a rest in the roadside park. Since  the bike has been broken more than rolling during the last 3 weeks, on the next bike club ride I will no doubt be the Laterne Rouge of even the slow riders, which is very interesting reading itself on Wikipedia.  The phrase describes the last place competitor in the Tour de France, having roots that come from the French red lantern that was hung on the caboose of the train.  According to Wikipedia, the Laterne Rouge competitor in the Tour could count on a higher income than those in front of him because it was considered most honorable to complete the challenge when all was certainly lost.  Seems to describe a lot of activities.

Ah, it's tough out there, a good muse is hard to find
Living one word to the next, one line at a time
There's more to life than whiskey, there's more to words than rhyme
Sometimes nothing works, sometimes nothing shines
Like Hemingway's whiskey

Lyrics to Hemingway's Whiskey
Sung by Kenny Chesney
(but more importantly: written by
Guy Clark and others)