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December 5, 2012

Shawnee Lodge & Conference Center
West Portsmouth, Ohio

For several years now, we've made the drive to the Shawnee Lodge to view the annual Christmas tree display that has been ongoing for over 20 years.  I've never counted them but I'd say there's at least a couple dozen trees.  Many are decorated in nature oriented themes that correspond to the surrounding park, wildlife, and forest.  If you've never been before, the lodge has a huge lofty feel to it and the 2nd floor is an open walk around balcony style area with many of the themed trees located there.  The fireplace area has comfy couches and a nice back porch that looks over the valley and lake area.  The lodge is a nice destination for a weekend drive and then sit by the fire and read a book, a favorite activity of ours.  An open house is scheduled for this Sunday, you can read more at the Portsmouth Times article located here.

 "Good judgement comes from experience.  Experience
tends to be the outcome of bad judgement."

Tad Z. Danielewski
(p. 121, Versace's B&W book, at Amazon)