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July 26, 2008

Great American Ballpark
Cincinnati, Ohio

Well, it's hard to imagine but I went to see my first baseball game while in Cincinnati. The Reds beat the Mets and we had a great time. Since we don't follow baseball and really don't know all the rules, the only hard part was watching the crowd so we'd know when to cheer and when not to. The ballpark was fantastic and in an email someone asked how I liked it. Not being a true baseball fan, it all looks just about perfect to me and nearly new but the person who designed the seating layout must have had their training in the airline industry. The seating is tight and intimate. When checking out their camera restrictions before the game, I found that it was oddly written because the restriction was on the size of the camera, even listing the maximum dimensions. At first I thought this was to restrict the use of telephotos in making closeup shots of the players but once everyone settled into their seats, I saw the true wisdom in the rule. If I had a long telephoto, I'd probably have given a black eye to the lady sitting beside me.

The game was great but the best part was the after-game fireworks that was choreographed to rock and country music. We had some great seats for the fireworks and when the lights came on afterwards, we found that we were covered with ashes.