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September 20, 2013

Pendleton Art Gallery
Ashland, Kentucky

I visited the pottery studio at the Pendleton this evening (I was the dinner delivery person today) and found this nifty bench in front.  The art gallery is getting a new restaurant that will be operated by Andy Moore who most folks know from his barbeque and smoked ribs found at area festivals.   Workers were busy this evening putting up stages and such for the annual Poage Landing Days.

I forgot to mention about an artist named Fatima Azimova who has wall space in the Pendleton with some captivating work.    Here is the address, my favorites are found in the Surreal and also the Black and White galleries.

This image is a flat neutral black & white, for most of this year I've been using a split tone to both the color and b&w photographs but only applying some warm tone to the dark areas and leaving the lights unchanged.