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June 15, 2008

Marietta, Ohio

Back in the summer, I picked up a copy of the book by Dave Lavender entitled 'Dave Trippin'. I'm familiar with his brand of off-the-beaten-path weekend trips by reading some of his online columns and being a regular viewer of his short Thursday morning television segment where he gives us a wrap-up of things to do for the upcoming weekend. The book is really interesting and nice, particularly if you don't expect or want Disney-style entertainment for every short vacation that you take.

Recently, I mapped out a short circular route and headed out with a copy of Dave's book and a set of AAA maps. After enjoying the West Virginia hotdog from yesterdays post, we landed at Marietta, Ohio to spend the evening and night. Marietta lies on the banks of the Ohio River, just like the towns and cities where I live. The big difference is that Marietta doesn't have a flood wall to surround the town, therefore making river views an integral part of your visit. If I was a year 'round resident, I'm not so sure how I'd feel about living with the threat of flooding but it sure makes for a beautiful town.

We checked into the Lafayette Hotel, which lies at the edge of the downtown district and got us a room that faces the river. The hotel is a historic hotel so expect to have a room decorated to match the period that the hotel represents. The folks are friendly, the room is clean, and there's nothing like staying in a downtown district to get a feel of the town.

During the evening, we took a nice walk through the downtown area that is filled with small shops and restaurants. I stopped a local couple and asked their opinion about where to eat and was given a couple of choices for a late dinner. One place served food that they described as 'natural foods' and the other place served up 'bar food'. I'm partial to the atmosphere of honky tonks, so we headed to the Marietta Brewing Company that was just up the road.

Though not quite qualifying as a true honky-tonk, we had a lot of fun. A local singer was performing some acoustic songs while I had a really good Chopped Salad and my son had the Pepper Jack Bacon Burger that he described as being fantastic.

For the top photo, I photographed the fabulous mural that was on the wall facing our table. I loved the scene and it felt more like taking a portrait than photographing a wall. The below photograph is the Lafayette Hotel and is taken from the downtown shooting toward the river.

Click here for the Lafayette Hotel.
Click here for the Marietta Brewing Company.