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June 19, 2008

Salt Fork Resort & Conference Center
Cambridge, Ohio

After leaving The Wilds, we drove a bit north and ended up at the lodge of the state park named Salt Fork. The main attraction here is the large lake not to mention the peace and quietness of the country. Like many states, Ohio seems to have undertaken a lodge building program in the 70s and this resort was one of them. Though it has a few years on it, it was a wonderful place to visit and I wouldn't hesitate to return. Dinner at the lodge was very good, in fact it was probably one of the best dinner salads that I've had in months. After dinner, we took a walk along one of the hiking trails and came across this deer grazing in a grassy opening. I've, at times, sworn to never take another deer photo because they all look the same and are so plentiful now. This one sports velvet on new antlers and seemed to pose for the camera, making me wish I had something other than the point and shoot.