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May 12, 2008

Greenbo Lake State Resort Park

Greenbo is the one of biggest state parks in Kentucky, in terms of acreage. The history behind the park and lake is an interesting tale, being strong proof where an idea from one person can make a change that is enjoyed by everyone. The original idea for the lake came from a local hardware store owner who pitched it to a fish and game club. The idea of a Greenbo Lake caught on and a whole lot of money was raised from donations from the common working folks. My father still tells about the porch light campaign which was one designated night where you left your porch light on and someone would stop to collect a donation. Over 3,000 acres of land was bought and the lake was built. The local group then approached the state to bring the project into the state park system and Greenbo Lake State Park was formed.

Here's the official history, which is told better than I could.