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October 1, 2013

Ashland, Kentucky

In the mail today, we received an announcement for the upcoming exhibit called Population by the artist Ray Turner which runs until November 10th at the Huntington Museum of Art (in West Virginia).  Turner paints portraits with a unique style that appears to be thick layers on glass in sort of an abstract fashion.    Also unique to the exhibit is that it continually changes by the addition of portraits of select individuals from each community that hosts the exhibition.  For our area,  several names stand out on the list such as Dave Lavender who is a popular newspaper reporter and author.   It is far easier to show examples of his work than to explain it, you can find a good representation at and  Art Daily.  We've had some foggy mornings and maybe we'll get lucky with some moody shots soon.


Fog aborts our flight
Although brewing still a go
We shall make Porter

Tim Preston
(reporter for the local paper,
posting his status on Facebook,
using the style that I called Hillbilly Haiku)