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October 2, 2013

Ashland, Kentucky

A shot from the alley looking at the back of buildings that face Winchester Avenue.  This one would make a really nice restaurant with a rear deck and courtyard dining, plus upstairs living.  Newly gutted and renovated, there has not been any takers.  I think it was formerly the old Nobil Shoe Store.   I've worked my way completely through the restoration of the 2008 archives, next begins 2007.  I think I'll be finished by Christmas now, being about a couple months ahead of my plans.  On one hand, it's a terrible thing to loose all that work in one blow but on the other hand, I've enjoyed revisiting the images and the writings.  One upsetting thing is that I have no backup of the comments, thus loosing track of all the old bloggers that used to have such a nice community.

I think that door could by a symbol for a lot of things.