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December 28, 2012

I was able to do some I-phone photography today while taking a trip to Ashland but this image is from the October Ohio trip, being shot from a car.  At the time, I thought it reminded me of a painting and that led me to experiment some today with the processing style that began awhile back with the solitary yellow flower (you might remember the flower with a lot of negative space around it).  I think I'm happy enough with this one, at least from a beginner's perspective.    I've continued thinking about ongoing projects for 2013, thinking if this blog is to continue then I need some sort of focus to it.  This led me to replay the flip book of George Lange (you can view the Vimeo of it here) that was made 4 or 5 years ago of his photographs.  The remarkable thing about it is the continuity of not only the subject matter but the technical points such as white balance and exposure.  I tend to like to play with the photographs, which is just fine since I don't depend upon them for money.  But for a year-long project, I think precise camera control may be more important than what I've allowed during the previous 9 years here.  One thing about doing a photoblog like this is my head is filled full of quotes and one by Darryl Zero from the film The Zero Effect comes to mind:  "Passion is the enemy of precision", where he was talking about all crimes being crimes-of-passion that lead to errors. Well, all photography is passionate too, which I think leads to variation and errors for the amateur, just out of respect for dodging boredom.  So the argument is to continue the passion of exploration that takes us back to day #1 whenever we learn new things or else  to buckle down and form a style, a pattern, and suffer from the repetition of the well-known.

"You're not an artist, Peggy, you
solve problems.  Leave some tools
in your toolbox."

Don Draper to Peggy
(from the AMC series Mad Men)