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October 2, 2013

I was at my father's home today to mow the grass and noticed this small black spider on a shovel handle that I was moving.  I switched to the macro lens and had some help from Dad with holding the handle as the spider was a pretty shy fellow, you can see he had already caught his dinner for the evening.  According to online sources, this is the Bold Jumping Spider, sometimes called the Bold Jumper or Daring Jumper and is the largest jumping spider found in our state at about 1/2 inch long.  According to the University of Kentucky, he will bite if he has to but isn't dangerous unless you happen to be very allergic (which I guess you wouldn't know until it was too late).  The chelicerae (the appendage in the front) is reported to be metallic green and appears greenish-blue in other photos however it rendered blue in my RAW conversions so I'm not sure if this is a natural variation or a product of slight color shift from the necessary color balance correction inherent to the digital capture.  I was able to get just this one good shot out of about a dozen frames before he found a hiding place in the small hole drilled in the handle so it will hang on a nail.

Look closely into his eyes (the biggest ones) and you can see a reflection of me taking his photograph.