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October 6, 2013

Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk 2013
Huntington, West Virginia

Just by luck late on Friday night, I ran across an online announcement that the Kelby Photowalk was scheduled for the next day, Saturday, at 4pm in Huntington.  The meeting place was announced as the fountain at Ritter Park.  When I arrived, I was astounded to see such a big crowd, actually would have been maybe hundreds of people.  Sure has gotten popular, I thought.   Didn't take long to find out this was also the gathering place for all high school kids going to their homecoming dance.  Talk about a mess, after walking around for maybe half an hour, I saw dozens and dozens of adults with fancy cameras standing around.  I approached a few with the question "Are you here for the photowalk?", which returned odd looks.  Just when I was about to leave, I spied some folks sitting at a table with a lady reading from a white sheet of paper.  Yes, that was the group.  With all the confusion, the photowalk only had 4 participants out of about 20 who signed up.  But we had a good time in spite of the rough start and the less than spectacular light.

I have a few interesting pictures, so I'll go through them and post a new one each day for the next week or so.  For this photowalk, I took the SL1 and the 5D2 but only two lenses: the 24-105L F4 and the 135mm F2.   Swapping them between the full frame and cropped body, I had a pretty good working distance from wide angle to telephoto, not to mention a fast lens for depth-of-field work.

I ran across the kind gentleman who was out walking his dog for the evening.  We exchanged a few words and he briefly filled me in about his life and aspirations to travel a bit sometime soon.  Both he and his dog had kind faces that seemed perfect for the camera and he readily agreed to a quick shot or two.  He was very interested in the photowalk pictures and said he would google it up, so hopefully I can have this posted for him to view.