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October 8, 2013

Scott Kelby Photowalk 2013
Huntington, WV

This is a shot of the front doors to the downtown BPOE lodge, done in black and white with contrast to show off the reflections as well as lines.  I think my favorite picture of the walk will be the man with the dog from the previous post, you can often tell your favorite when all the others seem to suddenly not be any good at all.  That is much the case with me right now, I think we submit just one photo and that will probably be the one for me if I decide to enter.  It's just a slight quibble with this one, but it would have been much better with just a tad higher camera angle to capture the entire door handle with the interesting BPOE engraving.    Really nice weather right now, though turning cool.  I got another short bike ride in today, it's a shame the season is rapidly closing up just when I seem to have finally gotten going.