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October 13, 2013

Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk 2013
Huntington, West Virginia

Certainly we find cliche subjects that show up for every photowalk, parking meters being one of them but they are still interesting to photograph and probably will eventually disappear much like pay phones.  One would hope so.  Weather is still fine temperature wise but looking like rain for a couple days without really doing it.  So, I planted some radishes today (Watermelon Radish), as well as Burpee Gourmet Blend Lettuce.  For my father, I also sowed some Purple Top White Globe Turnips.  All the other greens are looking pretty good, I'll give them a bit more growth and then see about a photograph or two. 

We have never been fans of cooked greens until I visited Nashville and ate at Arnold's Country Kitchen,  so it'll be a challenge to match their taste.  The cost to plant the greens was very very small and from the looks of it, the harvest could be substantial giving good return for the money if we can use it.  Even if not, the cost of feeling like a fall/winter gardnener is a bargain.  Human nature is odd.

"People are not machines, and purchasing just
about anything is as much about emotion and
the story we tell ourselves as it is about economic
calculation. Charging you for the chance to save
money one day is one more step in a dance about feelings."

Seth Godin's Blog, speaking about gift
cards but could just as well apply to
garden material, expensive cameras, or
any car above the most basic model.

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his site.  Loads of common sense stuff)