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October 16, 2013

I couldn't get the camera in shooting position before the car started off, so not as sharp as could be.  Finally made it out to one of our favorite Mexican places in Grayson today, then to the lake for a bit of hiking and shooting of fall colors.  But not realizing the situation we are in, we were met with a "closed" sign as it is federal property.  But the Mexican food was very good and worth the drive.  I believe my favorite dinner could easily be replicated at home.  It's an odd mix of grilled chicken, a very good serving of caramelized onions, then grilled diced pineapple mixed in, with all of this given a good serving of queso on top of it.    It needs a bit of green to it for visual effect but otherwise this is a great dish.

"In the words of that great soldier and gentleman,
Sir Henry Wilson:  Gentlemen, either you must
govern or you must be governed.  Let me repeat
it.  Gentlemen, there is one thing I would like you
to take with you as you leave this room.  Gentlemen,
either you must govern- or you must be governed.
That is all, gentlemen.  Good-day."

The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway