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October 17, 2013

No new images for today but it's raining and we are lovers of odd weather around here.  I'm hoping for some warm weather next week, with this rain then maybe the spinach and lettuce will sprout in time.  The fellow at the farm supply store (a real one, not the fake chain store) said I had poor chance of spinach sprouting in this county even when planted at the right time with proper weather.  We'll see.

The above image is a recycled one, this morning I restored the June 2007 pages and found probably the most sorry collection of the lot. Mike Adkins and I had a disagreement on how to approach bad images during this restoration project, when I find a photo that I dislike then I tend to just think about making an improvement with a black and white conversion, though a quick one in FastStone.  Often, maybe more often than not, I'm happier with it.   Mike says taste changes and I can't chase my present likes or dislikes as it will again change in the future.  Let the past remain as it was, he says, though I take liberty in paraphrasing our conversation.  Going back to the image itself, I think this is a great example of why even beginners should shoot in RAW.  You will never know how technology changes and having the RAW file will give you a bit more chance to allow your images to change with it.  I had shot this one in JPG which was often the case in the early years (this one predates even 2007 since I see it was shot with my 2004-era Pentax), if I had a RAW capture then Lightroom 5 could make a very fast and very nice defished image of the scene, giving me a bit of flexibility in the presentation.