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October 23, 2013

Huntington Museum of Art
Huntington, West Virginia

Our local museum now allows non-flash photography in rooms where they own the exhibits, which is an interesting way to study the art pieces while practicing still life photography.  Shooting with poor lighting through glass presents some challenges.  This bust is from a folk art exhibit and I'm ashamed I can't add more to it.  I was working on this prior to becoming under the weather and wasn't able to finish the research on the artist and such.  Some of the folk artists names look familiar because of our visits to the museum at Morehead, Kentucky that specializes in this type of local art.  In particular, we noticed a lot of mention of the art belonging to Charley Kinney and his family, which you might remember from one of my personal favorite photos posted here.  I think folk art needs to be approached with a different mindset, but that probably applies to many different genres of art, writing, and music.