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November 1, 2013

Charleston, West Virginia

Feeling much better, it was nice to get a text from Mike Adkins suggesting he would drive me up to Charleston for a quick trip to see a gallery show by the photographer Clayton Spangler.   The exhibit consisted of a couple dozen black and white images that were printed on metal, which was the first time I've viewed an entire exhibit on this unique medium.  With the right viewing angle and lighting, it sure gives  nice detail.    Afterwards, we took a short sidewalk photowalk where I found a few images to post this week.  The above photograph is a keystone above a large window, I'm again mentally kicking myself to improve my reporting and make notes about the name of the building and exact location.  The photo gets mixed reviews in my household, I find it moving and emotional.  Others have found it disturbing and not at all enjoyable.  But it is Halloween night, after all, so at least I've met one themed date for the year.

I've tried to research the artist since I was surprised to see a clear name inscribed on the art work and came up with the information that Milton Horn was a Russian-American sculptor who (quoting Wikipedia here) demonstrated "the truth that architecture and sculpture are not two separate arts but, in the hands of sympathetic collaborators, one and the same".  On my next trip to Charleston, I'll be on the lookout for this building and any other building artwork that I can see.

"The function of sculpture is not to decorate
but to integrate, not to entertain but to
orientate man within the context of his universe."

Milton Horn
(per Wikipedia)