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January 18, 2013

I'll put up something a bit different to end the week.  Yesterday, I had a tire go flat from a nail and ended up at a tire sales company that my family has used for probably 20 years now.  It's a small business ran the way old fashioned tire service places operated decades ago:  you pay for the tire and they fix flats, rotate, or balance the tires until they wear out.  Really nice guys.  While we waited, I used the I-phone to snap a photo of these two chairs and then processed it with the app Glaze to give it a painterly look.  I love texture overlays in photographs but can't seem to find a happy medium during my experimentation.  I've done a few others that I like much better but thought this one turned out OK.

"Now, when electricity, indoor plumbing, and many personal machines have become
normal, people generally assume that a hundred years ago life was "hard" for almost
everybody, though few still have the experience needed for a just comparison.  It is
perhaps impossible for a person living unhappily with a flush toilet to imagine a
person living happily without one."

From the short story "Drouth (1944)"
by Wendell Berry