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July 3, 2006

Central Park
Ashland, Kentucky
Pentax 10-17mm DA Fish-Eye f3.5-4.54 ED @ 10mm

I had a fine time visiting with my cousin Linda this morning. Since I look old and she still looks young, it's hard to imagine a time when I would sit on a dust-mop and she would pull me through the house on the hardwood floor. She was a teenager when I was growing up and I have quite a few fond memories from that era including listening to 45rpm rock-n-roll records and water fights.

One of the best stories was when my parents and grandparents went off to a church meeting. Linda and an aunt were my baby sitters and about midday they decided to cook dinner. They fixed up a meal that included some tasty sweet potatoes found in the basement. When all the adults came home that evening, they boasted about what a fine meal they had made. I wish I had a picture of the scene when my grandmother realized that we had cooked up a mess of her prized flower bulbs.

When asked what I was doing when I heard JFK was shot, my answer is always the same: I was sitting on a couch watching my cousin Linda cry while she knelt in front of the TV set. I was too young to understand why.

The picture above is taken at 10mm and has a bit of a crop to it because I didn't get it centered up just right. I was actually shooting a photo for the family album, but thought I'd share it here. The slight vignette is thrown in via post-processing, not a lens defect of the fisheye. We're getting that smoggy white summer sky already and I wanted to center the viewer's eyes a bit.