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March 15, 2014

With the break in the weather, I've began some walking exercise and hopefully will get back on the bike soon.  Here is a shot from this evening, a shadow self portrait with the Hipstamatic (with additional custom adjustments in LR).  I think I had written about this earlier, but there has been a new Vivian Maier book released and I plan to add it to the book list very soon, this one is a collection of self portraits.  You might remember, Vivian Maier was "discovered" after her death when a large pile of negatives were sold from an abandoned storage locker.  She was  a nanny by profession and when these wonderful photographs came to light, even the people that she lived with had no idea that she was a photographer.  Being an introvert, she hid it very well.  You have to admire that, making images only for her own pleasure.   You can best view some of her self portraits with a Google search, such as this.

In next few days, I'm going to post up more I-Phone photographs that I don't think will be very popular but hold some interest to me.