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March 20, 2014

Huntington Museum of Art
Huntington, West Virginia

This shot is from a visit to the HMOA where I found some folk art on loan from  the Kentucky Folk Art Museum that is affiliated with the Morehead State University .  I have to confess that it has taken me awhile to start appreciating folk art, but after several visits to the museum in Morehead, I'm finding many examples that I like now.

This is another shot made with the Canon DSLR but processed on the I-Phone, which explains the empty EXIF data below.  I believe this one would have been shot with the SL1 and processed in the Lo-Mob app, probably with the 6x6 TTV Noir filter (judging by the dirt specks imparted on the photo).  Lo-Mob seeks to replicate a number of old film camera styles as well as TTV photos (through-the-viewfinder).  Here is a link if you want to do REAL TTV viewfinder photography and not just the I phone fakery.  Note that the article by Russ Morris has multiple pages, it wasn't obvious to me when I first viewed it.   I have a couple old box cameras set aside to try again soon.