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March 22, 2014

Bought new running shoes and was out for a walk in them.  The pair has good quality, made in USA,  offered at a sale price but one has a padding issue and has to go back.  I visited a nice photo exhibit at the University of Kentucky Museum of Art, it was composed of about 70 photographs from all different genres.  The pictures represented samples from the best-of-the-best, reaching back into the earlier days and running up to the present time. I'll write more next week.  One photograph that I admired was from Julie Blackmon and reminded me of a Norman Rockwell print as he staged his scenes and painted them from photographs, making a composite of what he had in his mind.  According to the information at the show, Blackmon photographed the children separately and composites the photograph together.  You can see a digital form here but it is truly exceptional in real life.  I hope to return in a couple weeks and hopefully take some folks from the local camera club.