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April 1, 2014

Carter Caves State Resort Park
Carter County, Kentucky

This week I've made stops at our local parks, Greenbo Lake and Carter Caves, and find the wildflowers are pretty far behind schedule when compared to previous years.  In 2012, I had posted several wildflower photos taken even in March of that year, including this nice Large Flowered Bellwort.   I'm fairly certain today's picture is the Sharp Lobed Hepatica, which is always one of the earliest and hardy flowers in our area.  There's a lot of variations in color and number of petals of the flower and this was obvious today because I've got some other shots of a white variety.  The Kentucky Native Plant and Wildlife website states it was once the prime ingredient in the 1800's remedy called" Dr Roder's Liverwort and Tar Sirrup".  You can read more about this nice early Kentucky wildflower at the Kentucky Native Plant and Wildlife website.