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April 25, 2014

I photographed the spider this evening while he was taking repose from the rainy day by resting on the back door. 

Just some rambling this evening:   While sorting the photographs I started thinking about how painting and photography have a lot in common as both require choices of exposure, contrast, and saturation.  In both cases, you choose to either reproduce the scene as it appeared illuminated by the light in which you saw it, or else you make artistic choices to vary the scene to match other lighting situations (such as late evening with a warmer light) or just choose to make a fine art representation with maybe cross processed coloring or desaturation/saturation changes.  This isn't really anything new, even Ansel Adams changed-up his photographs with different processing over time, take a look at the blog of Kevin Schick where he posted a version of Adam's Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico as well as the original straight out of the darkroom contact proof.  Just a world of difference.  Over at the Online Photographer, a recent post and conversation was how exposure is an interpretive choice, either with the camera setting to get your desired appearance or else choosing an exposure that allows the best development of the RAW file image.

I do agree that over time, photographs have become brighter and edgier as compared to what we photographed on slide and print film in the era before digital.  I had mentioned to Mike Adkins awhile back that we have become addicted to contrast.  Many younger photographers who perhaps started with the I-Phone , on the other hand, seem to often adopt a lower contrast, lower saturation photography style when they are attempting more of a fine art style of shooting.   That's just a subjective observation and probably reflects the crowd I've been watching lately.  Over on Tumblr, the Photographer's Directory is a spot where serious photographers introduce themselves and (true to many Tumbler users) they are a much younger crowd.  Take a look at the posts over coffee sometime.