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May 11, 2014

Received a couple of photography related items in the mail- the latest edition of Interview Magazine, which was founded by Andy Warhol back in the 1960s (more at Wikipedia)  I find that I  flip through the edition and then stack them all up for later reading.  Every now and then, I'll have lunch with someone and we'll go through the magazines and critique the photos.  Modern fashion photography isn't the same form as it used to be, that's all I'll say.  I do enjoy the magazine quite a lot.   Also received the book Art & Soul, which is a large coffee table book with photos by Brian Smith.  More on that later, but have to say it was a bargain through Amazon's service of linking you with other book sellers, particularly one that had the book for less than $10 even with shipping calculated in.  And then the I-phone has met it's demise and will be relegated to becoming an I-Camera only, the cracked screen wasn't too bad but the flash is now shorted inside the housing and won't turn off, causing the battery to run down over time.  Still works good enough for mobile photography though.

Hoping to get back on track this week though don't expect very good photos.  I'm going to concentrate on restoring the last few years of this website over the next month (the years from 2004 to 2006) and then we'll be finishing up the 10th anniversary in early July.  I'm hoping to put together a presentation on the 10 years of this photo-blog (which will be a surprise to many, I'm a little like a not-famous Bill Watterson in that I don't like public speaking engagements (who, by the way, has made the news recently), however a friend agreed to stand up and help me along and so it ought to be doable. I'm hoping the local camera club might be interested in the program.