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May 14, 2014

It's spring clean out week here in our town, we know so because they print it on the water bill.  You haul all your junk to the curb and then first the junker-guys come and pick through it and the the city comes and hauls it away.  A few days ago, I started going through my older photography related stuff, most of it is broken but I ran across a Polaroid camera and two packets of unopened film that outdated 7 years ago.  Some folks value outdated film and so I thought about selling it on ebay but curiosity got the best of me and so I opened a pack and shot a self portrait.  Results have low contrast with very low saturation, really the shot was more brown than anything.  

So the next project is Outdated Polaroid Portraits.  If you see me and are asked to stand for a photograph, then you will be honored.  I only have 19 shots I believe, I wish it was the peel apart film but I think it is the Processional 779 instant film.  I'll post more later.

Along the same lines, I also ran across a bookmark about the Jamie Livingston who shot a Polaroid each day for 18 years, up to and including the day before he died.  It is a fascinating story that is recapped on Mental Floss, but the photographs are posted here.   At the end of the Mental Floss article, there are several interesting links, if you are interested.

If I had it to do all over again, I would photograph and post a picture a day irregardless if it was any good or not.  That has value.