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February 7, 2013

This is an abstract shot with the Iphone camera app KaleidaCam, then processed through the new release of Lo-Mob.  One of the OVCC members demonstrated this at the year end banquet.  She was having a lot of fun but these things don't appeal to me too much.  It was on sale the other day, for free I believe, and now I see how she felt.  It's a lot of fun, not difficult to use but requires some experimenting to get the pattern that appeals to you.

"If you have a chance to taste vanillas from different origins, you'll see
that they vary widely- some taste like horse saddle, some taste like
spent coffee grounds- and I really have come to prefer the Tahitian vanilla."

a recipe for milk punch by Gabrielle Hamilton (found here)
(what does horse saddle taste like?)