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May 27, 2014

We had some dandy storms today.  Went out for a drive and severely tested the water-tightness of a replacement windshield I recently needed.  If I had been the passenger in the car rather than the driver (or been in a position to stop), I would have had some fantastic photos.  Here they are, so use your imagination:  (1) A train pulling about a dozen white tanker cars coming around a curve in the track with mountains in the background surrounded by low hanging storm clouds;  (2) A tall mound of coal with a dirty-black bulldozer sitting on the steep incline of the side of it, nearly at 90 degrees and unmanned, (3)  Power station towers belching white steam with storm clouds in the background and wisps of white clouds around the towers; and (3) a flatbed truck with the cab sporting this logo "We don't need your arms or legs, just your tows". 

 "...Balthus is a painter of whom nothing is
known.  Now let us look at the pictures."

From a telegram sent to the Tate Gallery
from Balthus in response to a request
for biographical details."