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July 1, 2005

#6 of the top ten that I like the best. This farm was the home of two bachelor farmers. Everyone knew them as they tooled about in their old Ford, a Model A or T (I'm not much of an old car guy). They sold off some land over the years, but for the most part- they kept one side of the road looking like a farm while shopping centers grew just around the curve.

I look at this farm a lot. When I see it with photographer's eyes, I see a nice scene that doesn't give up great shots easily. Too late or early and it's in the shadows. For this shot, the light appeared in early morning like magic and lasted about 20 minutes. It was probably the first shot that I could look at and be proud.

(Note: The end of the first year for 4x6 is nearing. I've posted over 300 pictures, which even surprises me. Many thanks for all the encouragement, advice, arguments, and comments. I'll be posting some of my favorite shots, along with comments, from now until July 8th)