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July 5, 2005

#4 of my top ten for the last year. This is a touching picture for me because of the story behind it. My inlaws had lived in a house for over 20 years and dearly loved it. Because of health reasons, they had to move to town. Our job was to repaint the house to put it up for sale and the job lasted all day long. Early in the day, I noticed this ridge and the nice trees that were on it, but the day was gray and rainy. I kept watching it and just before sunset, the weather lifted and this was what we got. As I have said over and over, you can't beat having a camera in your pocket at the right time even if it's a small one.

Since that time, my father-in-law has passed on. Looking at this picture, I know why he loved that house and the back yard.

(Note: The end of the first year for 4x6 is nearing. I've posted over 300 pictures, which even surprises me. Many thanks for all the encouragement, advice, arguments, and comments. I'll be posting some of my favorite shots, along with comments, from now until July 8th)