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June 4, 2014

A day of rain and non-stop beeping of weather alerts.  Never can remember having  received a national alert on the cellphone, I first thought I had stooped and butt dialed by mistake.  One person was exercising with headphones and took them off to try to determine what the  beeping was, of course it was coming through the phone itself. 

Started a book yesterday, the new one by Garrison Keillor.    I've attended two of his shows, one live radio show in Lexington KY years ago and a performance here in Ashland on a snowy blizzard-like night a few years back.  After the show, he met my son and said a few words to him, asking what he was going to study in school.  You could tell for those few moments, nothing else existed in the world for him other than the conversation with my son, in a different way than most folks interact.  Trying to make a real lasting personal connection for the few moments he had.  I'll not forget that.

 He is a master with sentences and paragraphs:

 "Don’t feel sorry for yourself. In Minnesota, you learn
to avoid self-pity as if it were poison ivy in the woods.
Winter is not a personal experience; everyone else is
as cold as you are; so don’t complain about it too much."

from the Keillor Reader  (more of a review later)