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June 9, 2005

What do you end up with when two 40-something fellows head halfway across the state to photograph in a cemetery, but begin the day by talking about the meaning of life? Yep, you got it- a shiny new red convertible sports car in the garage at midnight. No not my car or my garage, but I sat close enough when the deal was being made that I got a rush too.

Today's portrait is R.C. Hazzard, a nice fellow that sells cars for Paul Miller Ford in Lexington, Kentucky. If you'd like a Miata- I believe he has a couple left :)  Richar (french, but I can't make the two "dots" above the "a") is a vibrant, outgoing individual who hopes to make a go at it with singing country music. Car buying is never an easy proposition even when you're just along for the ride, but I had a lot of fun talking to Richar. I learned a whole lot about cars that just plain fascinated me.

Zoom, zoom, zoom.....