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April 1, 2013

The arm problem seems to have made the 5D2 camera feel like the weight of a heavy brick, so I've been toying with the Hipstamatic Iphone app a lot more lately.   If you're not familiar with it, the app screen resembles the front and back of a camera from the 60s.  You choose your film and then pick a lens to shoot with, there's no way to apply the filters after the fact and there's not a way to record the original unfiltered image.  So it's a challenge until you learn the film & lens combinations that you like.  After that point, the app allows you to save your combinations and you can quickly switch from one to the other or else enable a random function to choose for you.

This is the Dream Canvas film that was part of the Dali Museum pak.   The burlap texture and sloppy borders are probably a deal breaker for some but I've grown to like them quite a lot.  In the original photo, this one had a strong yellow tone to it and this version has been selectively desaturated in Lightroom to give clean whites.  I also have a high key b&w version that seems to also work.

 "See problems as opportunities
for growth and self-mastery."

#296 from "The Complete Life's
Little Instruction Book."