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August 21, 2014

I've had some website issues for a good while now, Mike Adkins came to the rescue last night and we're back in working order.  I'll have mobile photography photos for the next little bit until we get back up to speed.  This photo above has a story to it, I shot it awhile back at the Pendleton Art Center cafe.  When I was first out of school and working my first job, I met an older fellow named Bob Elam.  At the time, about 1981 or 1982, I had joined the Ohio Valley Camera Club and Bob was interested in this because he and his brother Frank had been very active members of the Armco Camera Club back in their younger days.  He invited me to his house to look at photographs again and again but I never did.  You know youth has its pitfalls and one of them is not believing in your elders, you tend to think things of the past are just not worthwhile and I remember speculating these photographs were nothing but snapshots.  Years after Bob had passed away, I found out that the Armco Camera Club must have been a great organization.  Frank Elam has left the community a treasure trove of high quality black and white photographs that depict the everyday scenes of the area during World War II,  at least one of which has been reproduced as a flood wall mural.  The above Hipstamatic photograph shows a Frank Elam photograph of a downtown parade in the 1940s.