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January 19, 2015

Greenbo Lake State Resort Park
Greenup County, Kentucky

I spent Saturday morning on the trails at Greenbo with the bike, had a lot of fun and a good workout.  When I started, the temperature was cold and the trails were frozen solid but it didn't take long until I could hear the ice crunching under the tires as it softened.  I found no other bicycle riders but did run across a number of nice hikers on the the trails and had some nice conversations.  The first group appeared to be a runners club and they were moving on pretty well so I pulled over to yield the right of way and we exchanged "great morning..." etc.  The next two group of hikers were also enjoying the day and we had nice conversations about bicycles and hiking, the weather, and the park.  The shot above is one of my many rest stops, this one being the old Boy Scout camping area that is in the remote section of the park and accessible only by trails or the lake. 

Here is a nice shot from about 9 years ago.  (comments are still closed, sorry, the spam is unsortable)