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April 4, 2013

Ironton, Ohio

The new bridge across the Ohio River seems to be in the early stages until you get to the city of Ironton where you find some of the roads torn up for construction of the access ramps.  It'll be awhile but the style will be a cable suspension bridge that should yield some nice photos from my town on the Kentucky side.   Here's a couple of photos of the old bridge from a few years back:  The bridge about 1982;  then a high contrast shot on film in 2006

A little about the above shot:  While I was offline for a bit, I experimented more with the Iphone Hipstamatic newest film/lens combo called the Tintype SnapPak.  The above shot was made with the "D-Type Plate Film" that is the daguerreotype inspired filter offered for the Hipstamatic.  The Daguerreotype was the first commercially successful photographic process (from Wikipedia) and was invented in 1837.  The Hipstamatic version is interesting to play with and really puts the phone to task because of the processing required.  After some experiments, I switched the lens to the cleaner Jane lens and then did a bit of tweaking in Lightroom.