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March 11, 2015

Flatwoods, Kentucky

This building is a remnant of the small community of privately owned grocery stores that dotted the landscape of the early to mid 1900s.  Flatwoods is a small town and during that era was composed of many small farms as well as small to moderate sized homes on nice lots.  Even though it wasn't a population center, the town supported 4 grocery stores even during the 1950s and 1960s.  Those businesses usually were referred to by the name of the family who owned them.  Barndollar's, Pennington's, Bannister's, and Arthur & Riggs.   All are closed down and demolished except for this building which sits behind the Arthur and Riggs building that was in operation during my youth.  I have always thought it was the earlier store.  The grocery owned by the Pennington family is the only one still surviving and has transformed into a modern grocery in a strip mall.

I have had a fine trip; I have experienced about all the human
emotions. I had not expected to encounter so many people or
to get the little inside glimpses that I’ve had, but wherever there
are human beings there are the little histories.
Letters on an Elk Hunt
by Elinore Pruitt Stewart