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April 17, 2015

From a little trip to the University of Kentucky art museum last year.  This time, I found the correct parking garage.  On one of my previous trips, I had the misfortune in choosing the "wrong" garage.  On that visit, as is usual there, it was a terrific day in which I was befriended several times while on campus in ways that not only made us feel like special visitors but also saving us a good bit of money.  So while leaving that parking garage, the attendant, who seemed proud to take on the grumpy employee costume, says to me "that'll be thirty dollars" then stares at me stoned face waiting for the usual response.  I decide to not play that game and so dug out the thirty dollars and politely said "why so much?".  Then I received the scolding he so much wanted to give me, that I had parked in the wrong parking garage for visiting the campus.  I smiled and said, well all in all this day has been quite a bargain even with the parking fee.  I told him about  the free art gallery admission, how we so much enjoyed it,  and special treatment that we had received and hoped to see him again soon.  Then I inquired where he would like us to park on our next visit and received directions to this garage that yielded the "4 Remember" photo.  He was still staring at us when we left, I think he regretted not being able to have a shouting argument.