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May 4, 2015

Russell, Kentucky

Eureka!  Finally found a replacement bike in the style I was looking for, though a bit smaller than I had hoped.  The one from last year seemed a bit quicker, a bit smoother, and a whole lot more like a nervous racehorse.  I always felt I was just perched on top, ready to fly in the ditch.  With this one, I feel like an integral part of the process, having some control of the bike rather than just hanging on for dear life.  It doesn't make a lot of sense, as this is a full racing geometry, but at least that is my initial perception based on the same route.  So far so good, a 20 mile ride at a good clip with no leftover soreness or pain at all.  Now to add miles and pick up some time so I can at least ride with the slower folks.  I'm equipped for pictures from the road now.