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May 13, 2015

outside of Portsmouth, Ohio

I've always thought this building deserved the look of Kodachrome 25, not sure if my memory is accurate enough to serve justice to the finest film ever invented, now extinct.  Down to Shawnee for a nice picnic and book reading recently.  The place is peaceful and it sort of pushes that peacefulness upon you because there is absolutely no cell phone service at all (and, thus, no data service).  Bring a good book and enjoy it.  On the way there, you will pass the Buckeye Dairy Bar on the left of old U.S. 52, that's a great place to pick up some 1960ish twin double cheeseburgers then the picnic areas can be found by taking the next right and going up the road a few miles then watch for the lakes on the left, they are between them.   If you like a swing, behind this A-frame nature building, there is a nice group of them, compliments of a recent Eagle Scout project.

Your tip of the day, sir.