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April 12, 2013

Portsmouth, Ohio

I'm a fan of automotive photography, especially barn-finds and unrestored relics.  I believe this car is a nice unrestored Studebaker Commander from maybe the 50s.  The front of it looks pretty much like this one from a 1951 V8 cabriolet, you can even see that my car has the same V8 emblem on the hood.  Some quick research says that the Commander was produced from the early 20s until the 60s, with many body styles but with a few years in hiatus from time to time.   I found this bit of trivia:  The Studebaker Commander was dropped from the lineup in 1935 when it was replaced by the Studebaker Dictator.  Sounds like a fine car name to me, very bold and defining.  Well, the Dictator name was dropped in 1937 and the Commander name was resurrected all because the negative political association that the name had with the upcoming Adolf Hitler.  (all this according to a short article by Daniel Vaughan on the Concept Car website, found here).