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May 27, 2015

So far this week is turning out really well.  Spent time on our EK Bikeway for the past two days.  This is an official marked route between my town and Raceland  as well as going outward to destinations such as Greenbo Lake State Park. This leg of the Bikeway runs about 20 miles if you loop through a neighborhood or two.  Way before bicycling became popular, my brother-in-law lived in that neighborhood and we decided to take up biking to ride the Tour of the Scioto River Valley.  He mapped out a training route for us by using his car, then it was a coincidence (I suppose) that the bicycle club took it up as an official twice week riding loop years later.  The Tour of the Scioto River Valley is a gigantic bike ride that goes from Columbus Ohio to Portsmouth Ohio.  Most people spend the night at Portsmouth and return to Columbus the next day.  This year was the 54th running of the TOSRV, over 1500 riders did the route in 2014 and the stats revealed an interesting item.  Most of the riders were in my age category.