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August 18, 2015

It's a nice morning: good temperature and not too bright, just a bit damp from an overnight light shower.  I think my fascination with books of letters and journals first occurred while reading the book of letters between Thomas Jefferson and his children.  At the end of the book, I remember feeling as though I had lost family members myself as the letters really brought these characters to life.  I've enjoyed a number of similar books since that time and the Vonnegut book is the same.  Whenever needed, Dan Wakefield briefly introduces the letter and characters but never to the point of taking away from Vonnegut's writing itself.   In one letter, Vonnegut dispenses some advice on writing, telling the recipient that it will take about two years of writing before it becomes much good at all.  He seems to have the viewpoint that writing is not something that can be taught, rather it must be found.  I think this is very true, I know with this blog and my written journals there is a sweet spot that occurs a few years after the beginning- with everything before being not so good and everything afterwards sort of fading to various degrees depending on the season.

Vonnegut seems like a very likeable fellow.  I'm reminded, though, that the written word can be deceptive.  Writing and photography seems to have a lot in common.