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April 24, 2013

Another trip to Huntington yesterday, I think our two cars have made over 20 trips in a couple weeks but yet no time to shoot pictures during the drive. I'm getting to recognize a few of the commuters, or perhaps they are compulsive shoppers out for their fixes.  Everything is looking up now and might have the chance to photograph some in the upcoming days.  Yesterday was cooking day here which included a couple chicken dishes and a southern pulled pork recipe in a slow cooker.  I'm sure I've shot this bowl composition several times over the years.

Spam comments have been off the way lately, making my real-comment/spam-comment something like 1:10,000.  The last 7 days have recorded over 5,000 spam comments with over 60 getting through the filter yesterday.    I'll disable comments until I figure out the next step.