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October 5, 2015

Having fun at the barber shop window.  I was told of a survey done not long ago where it was found that the average guy would rather have to search for a new doctor rather than a new barber.  I would agree with that, I've had the same one for 32 years now.  It is a strange relationship if you think about it, being much like having a friend that you visit each month for about 20 minutes.  I've slowly "watched" his kids grow up and become successful leaders in the community, we both have "watched" hobbies come and go, home building projects come and go, and then homes themselves come and go.  I remember my first barber had a booster shelf to place between the chair arms and I could look out at a mirror just like this one.  Behind me was another mirror and so it formed a series of repeating images that never ceased.  Each time I visited, I tried my best to see the very last image.