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October 6, 2015

Seems like every small town has fellows who nowadays get to the store and restaurants with their lawn mowers. I admire people who find a way to keep on going even when odds might cause many of us to just give up.   I've spoken to a few of them, this fellow sought us out for a wide ranging conversation.  He said he had been caught at that particular restaurant 8 times by driving rainstorms.  "Once, they had to mop around me twice before I finished my meal."  He seemed to get great joy by being able to move about on his machine, which I complimented him by saying it had great patina.  If the rain hadn't been pouring, I would have gotten his picture too, he said he was quite popular with photographers.
 "I've been driving a tractor for about 15 years,
before that I was on a bicycle. Then a lady hit
me. Let me show you my leg....."
A "lawn mower man" in
southern Ohio