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November 3, 2015

This is a picture from the recent trip to Athens, Ohio (taken somewhere along the way).  I've been puttering around with some different black and white styles.  My current book is Riddley Walker, you just gotta love the name but I have to warn you that the book is most likely the strangest that you will encounter.  It is written in the dialect of the future survivors of a world catastrophe.  It takes awhile to get the hang of reading it, in fact I largely feel like I am decoding a riddle (which in itself makes the title even more interesting).   The world of photography opens up your life in many ways, I've met new friends that I never would have encountered, I have noticed many things that I would have just walked or driven past, and I have discovered books such as Riddley Walker.  I learned about the book from Joe Holmes of Joe's NYC, via Goodreads. Read more about the book at Wikipedia.

And a Riddley Walker quote that I think also applies to photography, especially today's photo:


 “The worl is ful of things waiting to happen. Thats the meat and boan of it right there. You myt think
you can jus go here and there doing nothing. Happening nothing. You cant tho you bleeding cant. You
put your self on any road and some thing wil show its self to you. Wanting to happen. Waiting to happen.
You myt say, 'I dont want to know.' But 1ce its showt its self to you you wil know wont you. You cant not
know no mor. There it is and working in you. You myt try to put a farness be twean you and it only you
cant becaws youre carrying it inside you. The waiting to happen aint out there where it ben no more its inside you.”

Russell Hoban, Riddley Walker