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November 10, 2015

Charelston, West Virginia

This building was the old Mendelsohn's Quality Shop, another downtown business that met it's demise after many years like so many we know of in our own towns and cities.   I found this excerpt online from the Charleston Gazette in 1998:

"After 85 years in the fashion business, The Quality Shop will close its doors at 908 Quarrier St. in August. What went wrong at the store that catered to women seeking better labels like Jantzen, Sanibel, Diane Roberts and Bleyle for more than eight decades? "A lack of business," said Steve Seaman, who has operated the Quality Shop with his wife, Marialice, since buying the clothier in 1989 from the Mendelsohn family. "People aren't dressing up like they used to. Demand for our clothing has been decreasing steadily. …"